Racism is a cancer. Despite society’s progression from the openly-accepted discrimination of the early 20th century, we can see from current events that the systematic, brutal and unlawful oppression of people of colour is happening unimpeded today, all over the world.

To believe that it is a US problem alone is simply incorrect, with UK police often showing to have just as much prejudice and willing to use excessive force; the only difference being the availability of lethal action — and, the lack of major coverage. With the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and, most recently, George Floyd sickening the world over — whilst the brutal murder of Joāo Pedro in Rio de Janeiro has shed powerful light on just how *global* an issue this is — it’s become painfully apparent that being just “not racist” is not good enough. To have eclipsed a worldwide issue as huge as the COVID-19 pandemic shows us just how important, and significant, this issue is. We must fight it, as you would any cancer.

Despite repress staying largely apolitical, today it is a matter of humanity, and of decency. As a white-run blog, staying silent would align us with values that offend every aspect of who we are — it is literally the least we can do. While I’m not going to try and preach or act holier than thou, below are resources on what people can do to aid those affected, stoke the fire of protest and help, in some small way, inspire inherent change.


To help the family of George Floyd: here
To help the family of Breonna Taylor: here
To help the family of Ahmaud Arbery: here
Act Blue — bail funds for a variety of protests: here
The Bail Project: here
Stephen Lawrence Trust: here
SARI: here
Black Lives Matter: here
Campaign Zero: here


Protecting POCs during the Covid-19 pandemic: here
A variety of beneficial petitions to the movement: here
Justice for George Floyd: here
Justice for Ahmaud Arbery: here
Justice for Joāo Pedro: here
Justice for David McAtee: here
Battle racism by updating GCSE reading lists: here

For a more extensive list of resources, including reading lists, people to follow and further charities: here

To all of our POC brothers and sisters, repress supports you. While our platform could be dwarfed by a drawing pin, we will use it regardless in times like this; where being silent isn’t an option. We can still do better, however. If you’re a POC writer, let us know how we can support your work, be it in media or culture writing. We’ll link blogs where we can, follow what there is to follow, publish what we’re given, help wherever possible. The WordPress community, this space where writers can share their work openly, is wonderful — your perspectives are an irreplaceable and vital part of that.

No peace.

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