This week, we’re looking at Alice Cooper’s most recent single, Don’t Give Up — written by the legendary shock rocker during quarantine.

The lockdown. What a downer it has been for audiophiles, who can no longer get into brawls with strangers in mosh pits or scream at artists on stage. But amidst the cancellation of world tours and delayed album releases, rock n’ rollers have found their own silver lining right in their
bedrooms and garages.
Cue the productive YouTube line-up to our delight –Metallica reinventing Blackened with acoustic guitars, Reignwolf recording a cabin fever anthem, Larkin Poe rocking play-throughs of their new bangers. Perhaps no one delivered a bigger surprise than Alice Cooper, who has veered from his signature nightmares to something a little hopeful.

The remotely produced single Don’t Give Up marks a welcome interlude before his upcoming 28th studio album. Musically, it is what one would expect of Cooper and his distinctive voice.
His lyrics, however, have traded in B-movie ghouls for a more grounded and invisible one, labelling the pandemic as a “cold, indiscriminate monster”. The metaphor feels just about right. After all, it has taken away lives, jobs and for some, family and friends whom they need the most.
Life is far from normal and likely won’t be for a long time. To that, the shock rocker has some words of encouragement for his struggling fans. His honesty makes, what could have been cheesy, entirely palatable.
We’re all hanging on by a thread/We’re all staring at the razor’s edge/But we’re not going to step off the ledge.” And he’s absolutely right. His positivity is exactly what we need during these trying times, which too shall pass. Let’s keep fighting and don’t give up. For anyone out there who is straining to cope, who better to listen to than this sage 72-year-old rock legend?


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