This week, we’re throwing up a complete curveball for ya in the form of the 2013’s Thank You, the albumless single from Busta Rhymes, featuring Q-Tip, Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

Okay, so it ain’t Scenario, that’s fair enough. Bringing together Busta, Tip, Yeezy and Weezy (doesn’t that sound like a perfect pair of twats (I mean, they are though)) was a big deal back in 2013, so it’s a bit of a surprise that this one has absolutely fallen off of the public consciousness. While I’m not exactly touting this as the pinnacle of hip-hop by writing about it today, there is a level of intrigue to it.

That intrigue primarily comes in the form of the quality — it ain’t that fucking bad, not at all. With collaborative production between the four artists (at least two of which are arguably the greatest producers in hip-hop history), the beat is expectedly, apart from the slight repetition, really rather good. The pounding kickdrums and piano samples are liable to get your head-bopping like the chair umpire in a game of vertical tennis, while the vintage chorus is only slightly spoiled by ‘Ye asinine ad-libs.

With Tweezy-dee and Yeezy-cunt’s vocal contributions limited to said ad-libs, the actual mic work is left to the Abstract and Busta who really do kill it. Although they’re obviously just fooling about in the studio here, there are many moments on this track where they’re really delivering top lines. Particularly, Busta’s second-to-last verse here has got some great quotables in “Boop-be-de-de-boff, zippity-boof” and “The microphone is bleeding, you should take it from me” — it’s not game-changing but it is a great bit of fun, which is probably the best way to describe this song as a whole.

– milo.

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