Hello, good evening, buenos dias, other languages.

The story starts in 2015, when two wee shites decided to do a bit of writing for something to do. It marginally grew, as did the wee shites (into just shites), into Stuff And That, the purple place where nonsense was mandatory and quality notwithstanding. As beautiful as that hellhole was, we decided to move on to a blank canvas.

That blank canvas was dubbed repress, but don’t let the subtle off-white texturing fool you, we’re not playing the Pitchfork game. We’re dealing in unwanted opinions, phat old lists and features that’ll have you itching for more, as well as itching due to the skin infection that prolonged exposure will cause. If you’ve come for well-rounded, non-curmudgeoned culture writing imbued with more fun than a repressed wive’s night out, you’ve come to the right place.

As you can see from the menu along the top here, we cover just about every corner of media and, while music is our primary focus, we’re trying our darndest to get soaked up in whatever the hell *culture* is — and we’ll talk about anything, old or new. So whether you absolutely need to see our thoughts on the latest jibber-jabber or you just want a little pleasant scroll along this proverbial internet beach, we’re here and we’re happy to chat. Below are our cute little author bios, otherwise, sit back, relax, and read.

milo. (co-founder/editor)

A big, phat dykey mess. You can find them with a Thatchers Gold and a crucifix on their forehead having a lovely time at some local gig. Known for their philanthrophy, bloodlust and fantastic ass, their thirst for all kinds of music is almost as strong as their thirst for complete creative control.

reuben. (co-founder)

Currently navigating his way through a gap-year, this Peep Show obsessive loves Spurs, hates Arsenal, and can be spotted in the wild stroking his lovely little duck egg bass guitar and sipping varieties of Chai tea along Welsh coastal paths. An advocate for physical media and a rock fan at heart, this kid’s a lover of most things sci-fi, horror, fantasy and comedy.
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steve. (contributor)

A rock music obsessed time traveller with no patience for boxsets or films longer than 90 minutes. SteveForTheDeaf is living proof that there should never have been a Highlander sequel. There should be only one and it probably shouldn’t be him.

elliot. (contributor)

An old man trapped inside a young body, this human is meandering through a writing career that barely qualifies as a part-time hobby, let alone a ‘career’, his search to make a living from prose currently having led him to work as a gardener (makes sense). Usually found looking at/talking about birds and other wildlife, in what spare time he has, he listens to indie bands, reads books and watches films no-one’s heard of.
Wildlife and Words / Twitter

jade. (contributor)

Jade resides in a permanent existential crisis, which she copes with by crying to loud music and dark comedies. Legend has it that in every gap of silence between, she ceases to be.
The Ü

gavin. (contributor)

A first-year languages student at Cardiff Uni, this boi is particularly fond of games, movies, rats, music, and also rats. With many years of experience in opinion-having, he thinks writing for repress will be a good opportunity to improve his writing skills, learn how to better evaluate the art he loves, and distract himself from the voices oh god the voices help